he Glasgow Company of Duellists is a martial arts group studying Historical European Swordsmanship. 

ased in private training facility in Glasgow (Scotland), we are attempting to reproduce fencing arts that have been lost for many hundred of years. These are studied as true martial arts and not as ‘choreography’ or stage combat. The focus of classes is for real combat, just as the medieval and renaissance student would have experienced.

he current areas of study of the group are the medieval German school of Swordmanship using the two-handed Longsword (in German: Langenschwert) and British Backsword of both the Scottish and English traditions.

ew members slots are currently available please apply in writing to our email address. However please only apply if you are able to attend our classes regularly as you cannot learn the sword without dedication.

Please note: GCoD attendees/members must be 18 years or older.